[insert maniacal laughter here]

I win!

With Halloween come and gone and no sign of a sewn wizard costume or jacket, I took my sweet time finding a second set of buttons and getting them sewn onto the doggy sweater.

This week has been a bit of a battle with Jacob, because I brought in my more delicate (read: dead and dying) plants from the porch, and they are currently sitting on the table at the end of the couch, well within reach of a certain water-craving nose.  I feel like I’ve done nothing but yell, “Jake!  No!  Down!” at him for the last several days.

The kalanchoe that was nearly dead a few months ago is still hanging on, but only just barely, and there is really only one shriveled little twig that still has green leaves on it.  More precisely, there was only one…

Last night I left Jacob unsupervised just long enough that I came back in to the living room to find him up on the table, with that little sprig of green leaves next to him, very much detached from its shriveled twig.  After resisting the urge to lock him on the porch overnight, and planting the leaves in the soil (that dog is exceedingly lucky kalanchoes grow from cuttings), I finally got to work on those last two sweater buttons.

Tonight, I had my revenge:

The three buttons at the neck in combination with the cinch on the back appear to have created a proper straight jacket for our crazy little Jake.

Jackets for Jakes, Day 6

I put absolutely no stock in the idea that the sole purpose of the daily lunch break is eating lunch. As it fits into my (not entirely healthy) worldview, it is an hour of found time most days, and today, I found two legs and the back ribbing:

Around what should have been dinner time, I finished the hood, and Roommie and I commenced with the torture sessions fitting process.

It looked to be a good fit, but Jake disapproved and wiggled free.

I attached the buttons at the neck, hoping that would reduce the wiggle room.

Foiled again!

We decided it was too loose around the middle, so I added an adjustable gather in the middle of the back.

Somehow he still pulled a leg free, then burrowed under Roommie’s comforter to get it off the rest of the way.

I moved the gather further up the back, which held long enough for him to run out into the living room…

…where he pulled himself free yet again.

For the time being, we all give up.

Anyway, here are the less wiggly shots of the (nearly) final product:

I’ll be needing still another Joann’s run to get another set of buttons.  There will ultimately be three at the neck.  We are now effectively taking the straight jacket approach.  I’ll also see if a run through the laundry this weekend can shrink it at all.

And… umm…  Roommie doesn’t seem to be the least bit interested in this competition business.  She spent this evening’s shopping expedition getting more supplies for the wizard costume.

But the tassel on the hood is entirely her doing.

Jackets for Jakes, Day 4

Day 4

I spent three hours untangling Monday’s mess and crocheting maybe four more rows. The hood was still dumb-looking, so I pulled it all out this time, and took the extra half hour to keep the yarn un-tangled.

Tomorrow I’ll just knock out the non-hood portions and then decide where I want to go from there.  I really need to be done by Friday, so I don’t have to take this whole mess to Austin with me.

And also so I will win.

Roommie was not feeling well and went to sleep early.

I think she’s letting me win.

Jackets for Jakes, Day 2

Day 2

The body is done! My plan from here is to go off-pattern and crochet the hood, legs and back edging, because I am too lazy to do the tedious knitting in the round on the legs.

I started the hood, but it came out really big and heavy and otherwise odd-looking, so I’ve pulled out half and left a mess to clean up tomorrow.

Roommie found the pleather in a bag of fabric that been living in her car since she moved a year ago. She also found that she is low on fusable interfacing, and too lazy to make another Joann’s run today.

Saved by laziness!

Jackets for Jakes, Day 1

Jake will be spending Christmas in Wisconsin.

Jake lacks the natural insulation to survive Christmas in Wisconsin.

Dear Roommate and I will be making Warm Things for Jake to wear while in Wisconsin.

The obvious solution, to my thinking, was a knitted or crocheted sweater.  The process was simple enough.  I got onto Ravelry and found an adorable sweater pattern from Bernat.

Bernat KW - Hoodie Dog Coat (knit)It’s a hoodie.  How cute is that?  Seriously.

Yesterday I dragged Roomie to a yarn sale at Michael’s and grabbed a bunch of (relatively) Jake-proof cotton. We settled on the denim color because the only thing cuter than a doggie hoodie is a doggie jean jacket hoodie.

Then today, while I spent the better part of half an hour torturing the nice girl at the cutting counter in Joann’s (gathering materials for my Super-Duper Top Secret Christmas Project – details coming soon), Roommie found a sewing pattern for a doggie jacket/other embarrassing doggie outfits.

McCalls Pet Clothes M6218

This leaves only one possible outcome:

Race for the Jacket!

A build competition, if you will, Mythbusters-style. The first roommate to outfit our little friend with winter-wear wins.

Under normal circumstances, this contest would be a no-brainer.  Sewing something this small should be possible in a single night. However, the powers of procrastination in this apartment are mighty. If I can just focus a little more than she does, I may squeak out a victory.

So where are we at the end of Day 1?
In fairness, I did start with a bit of a lead.  Last night, after several rounds of gauge measurement and no fewer than three total restarts, I had completed… almost two inches of the body.

As of tonight, I have about half the body done.

Roommie has taken Jakes’s measurements, established that Jake is unperturbed by having strange things around his neck, and spent about three hours rummaging through her fabric stash for a piece of pleather she swears she has.

She has found about a dozen unfinished projects, some truly astonishing scraps from Christmas outfits her mother made for the family when she was little, and the stash of old t-shirts she spent hours looking for about a month ago.  She even contemplated using one particularly awesome shirt for the jacket:

…but ultimately decided it wouldn’t fit within the pattern.

I have seen not a hint of the pleather.  I am starting to doubt it exists.