Not a Plug (just… painful)

Don’t Quit Your Day Job


We interrupt your “Is it Friday yet?” doldrums to bring you…

…our very, very stupid special puppy.

Dear Roommie was not in any mood for Jacob’s foolishness last night, but I could not possibly let an opportunity pass to get photographic evidence of his latest brilliance.

Allow me to set the scene for you.  I half-listen from the kitchen to the tiny metallic tinkling of his tags that tells me that he is poking around somewhere other than under my feet.  Then the sound is joined by a decidedly panicked thump-skitter-skitter-thump, and Roommie says something to him that I can’t quite make out, except for a sharp, “No.

I wander ’round the corner to investigate:

You know that scene in The Fifth Element where Leeloo has just dropped into Korben’s cab, and she’s trying to ask for help, but it comes out as, “HAAAAAALP?”

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I translate the sad little whimper that goes with that last picture.

The good news (for him, anyway) is that he does eventually make it out of the tub when properly motivated.  He was out of the bathroom and back in the kitchen by dinner time.

You can teach a young dog new tricks, but you can’t make him stop looking for water

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I would so like to tell you that we have not, in fact, spent the last week laughing heartily at our tiny friend’s inability to exit such a slippery enclosure with his tiny legs, but… well… it’s his own damned fault that he is incapable of passing up any opportunity to find water.  He’s like a four-legged dowsing rod.

Also, the skitter-skitter-thump-whimper from the other room is really pretty entertaining.

Jake has a cousin!

So this blog is quickly becoming one of my favorite things on the internet.  Dear Roommie just had to share this post with me a couple months ago.  It is a terrifyingly accurate account of how being a responsible adult quickly ceases to be fun at all, and we still find ourselves randomly quoting it when things get too serious in the apartment.

Tonight she could barely breathe, much less speak, she was laughing so hard at this post about moving with dogs.  The story is hilarious on its own merits – especially to anyone who has every lived with a dog – but the really great part is, “Simple Dog” has nearly identical coloring to Jake, and appears to be equally dumb.  As an added bonus, I later found this post – an introduction to “Simple Dog” that only solidifies my belief that this must be Jacob’s long-lost relative.

It is comforting to know that someone else out there in the universe is finding inspiration in a hopelessly hopeless canine.  I am especially grateful that she has decided to share these stories in such an unabashedly entertaining format.  It makes me feel slightly less bad about taking advantage of Jake’s… challenges? for my own entertainment.


…especially since he managed to get onto the table with my plants again today, despite the extensive toothpick minefield.