Jackets for Jakes, Day 2

Day 2

The body is done! My plan from here is to go off-pattern and crochet the hood, legs and back edging, because I am too lazy to do the tedious knitting in the round on the legs.

I started the hood, but it came out really big and heavy and otherwise odd-looking, so I’ve pulled out half and left a mess to clean up tomorrow.

Roommie found the pleather in a bag of fabric that been living in her car since she moved a year ago. She also found that she is low on fusable interfacing, and too lazy to make another Joann’s run today.

Saved by laziness!


Jackets for Jakes, Day 1

Jake will be spending Christmas in Wisconsin.

Jake lacks the natural insulation to survive Christmas in Wisconsin.

Dear Roommate and I will be making Warm Things for Jake to wear while in Wisconsin.

The obvious solution, to my thinking, was a knitted or crocheted sweater.  The process was simple enough.  I got onto Ravelry and found an adorable sweater pattern from Bernat.

Bernat KW - Hoodie Dog Coat (knit)It’s a hoodie.  How cute is that?  Seriously.

Yesterday I dragged Roomie to a yarn sale at Michael’s and grabbed a bunch of (relatively) Jake-proof cotton. We settled on the denim color because the only thing cuter than a doggie hoodie is a doggie jean jacket hoodie.

Then today, while I spent the better part of half an hour torturing the nice girl at the cutting counter in Joann’s (gathering materials for my Super-Duper Top Secret Christmas Project – details coming soon), Roommie found a sewing pattern for a doggie jacket/other embarrassing doggie outfits.

McCalls Pet Clothes M6218

This leaves only one possible outcome:

Race for the Jacket!

A build competition, if you will, Mythbusters-style. The first roommate to outfit our little friend with winter-wear wins.

Under normal circumstances, this contest would be a no-brainer.  Sewing something this small should be possible in a single night. However, the powers of procrastination in this apartment are mighty. If I can just focus a little more than she does, I may squeak out a victory.

So where are we at the end of Day 1?
In fairness, I did start with a bit of a lead.  Last night, after several rounds of gauge measurement and no fewer than three total restarts, I had completed… almost two inches of the body.

As of tonight, I have about half the body done.

Roommie has taken Jakes’s measurements, established that Jake is unperturbed by having strange things around his neck, and spent about three hours rummaging through her fabric stash for a piece of pleather she swears she has.

She has found about a dozen unfinished projects, some truly astonishing scraps from Christmas outfits her mother made for the family when she was little, and the stash of old t-shirts she spent hours looking for about a month ago.  She even contemplated using one particularly awesome shirt for the jacket:

…but ultimately decided it wouldn’t fit within the pattern.

I have seen not a hint of the pleather.  I am starting to doubt it exists.

On Vertical Challenges pt 2, or Laundry Day

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Before I get tarred and feathered by every short person I know, I did get my sister’s permission before I drew this one (which is not to say she has approved the final product but… eh, close enough).

Also, blame writing credit has to be shared with my boy, who is very tall and has arms like a monkey, and finds my inability to reach things hilarious.

On Learning Experiences

Let me preface this story by saying that I hate balloons…

Let me preface this story by saying that I hate balloons.  I hate them with a violence that most would consider wholly unreasonable.  I tend to threaten bodily harm to anyone who introduces large numbers of balloons into my environment.

Balloons make noises.  They make that straining, stretchy noise when blown up, they make that nails-on-chalkboard scratching noise when rubbed, and they pop.  The popping is particularly upsetting.

That said, I was checking out at the grocery store today when a small child (who could not have been more than two) at the next register popped his balloon.

I flinched.  The cavernous store with its vast concrete floors amplified the sound such that it more resembled a gunshot than a measly little rubber sack rapidly losing structural integrity and deflating.  That is to say, it was really freakishly loud.

Normally, my next reaction would be something borne of extreme agitation; yelling obscenities if in the company of friends, giving the stink eye to strangers.  But I’m on such a cute-baby-high from the latest set of pictures from my brother, and the mother was so mortified, and the kid looked so bewildered with popped balloon bits in one hand and his mother’s keys in the other… I just couldn’t help but smile.

The mother started frantically apologizing to anyone within earshot, and then turned to the kid.

“Why did you do that?”

I smiled and responded, “Because you gave him something shiny!”

Obviously, he felt an innate desire to test what happens when Material A (shiny key) was applied to Material B (bright red balloon), andgot some very conclusive results.  More importantly, he learned something from his experiment, and I suggested as much to his mother as he vehemently turned down a shiny new blue balloon offered by an employee.

…and even more importantly, I now have one more soldier in my war against those bad, evil, noise-making balloons.

I fail!

I’ve been taking an improv class with the boy on our weekends together.  One of the very first concepts we covered was learning to fail.  Get out there.  Try something.  Don’t be afraid to fail if you have to.  When this happens in class, you yell, “I fail!” and take a great big bow, and then everyone else applauds and is generally supportive.

That said…

“I fail!”

Not only did I not manage to complete my four projects last week (day job-type things came up – I know, boo hiss), but I took the bag of supplies and projects in various stages of completion with me to work on over the weekend, and then proceeded to leave it all at the boy’s apartment.  I told him he is more than welcome to finish the last one for me, but he didn’t seem to be up to the challenge.

Take a bow!

So instead of showing off my beautiful amigurumi critters, I offer you…

…the aluminum foil origami gibbon I just made at Freebirds, after being struck by a mighty hankerin’ for a burrito as big as my forearm and loaded up with everything that is bad for me.

…now everyone else applauds?