Running rings around the competition

Don’t Quit Your Day Job


I blame Phil Plait.  His blog is an unending stream of pretty space pictures, and he’s been getting a little Saturn-happy lately.

I mean, are these Cassini pictures not the prettiest things you ever did see?

On Restraint

Don’t Quit Your Day Job


Apologies for the comic being even later than usual.  Once again, I procrastinated, and didn’t finish the original drawing until too late on Friday night to start inking.  Then I was actually – gasp! – productive on Saturday.

I cleaned my room.

Yeah, I know.  Wow.

I got the closet so organized, in fact, that the boy felt an overwhelming urge to prance, and then did.  He pranced in my closet.  Not a euphemism for anything at all, I swear.  There was clear floor space in my closet, and he did a little jig right there, on that clear floor.

…no, I really don’t know why.

These fools actually trust me with shiny things!

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I’ve managed to sneak into the booth at the Hideout, and now I’m lighting the current main stage show.  Drunk on power?  You betcha.

I’m told tech’ing is as much an improv performance as what happens on the stage, but it is simultaneously much more natural and way more terrifying.  It’s a more organic performance, just shifting lights to follow the action, mirror the mood being described by the players, and leave enough light for the audience and photographer to clearly see what’s happening.  On the other hand, there is the persistent fear of blinding the performers and audience, or otherwise ruining the show with a wrong decision.

The cast and director have been really supportive and grateful, and I have to say that weekly cascade of, “Thanks/You’re Awesome/Great Job” is kind of addictive.