In Which I Sing the Praises of an Improv Photographer

One of the things I love most about the Austin improv community is the bustling network of people who do all the support work for improv shows – theater owners, house managers, interns, my fellow tech monkeys, and the photographers.  We have a small but mighty band of photographers ranging from enthusiastic amateurs to freelance professionals who photograph a large portion of the improv shows that happen in this town.  They are extraordinarily generous with their time, and provide an invaluable service, capturing permanent memories of a performance art that is, by definition, fleeting.

One of the mainstays of the Austin improv scene is Roy Moore of Control Images.  He is the man behind the promotional pictures for many of the Gnap! and Institution Theater productions, as well as the official on-site photographer for Blue Goggles Films.  He is an adventurous artist with a keen eye for composition and lighting, and a knack for pulling personality and attitude out of two-dimensional still images.

This weekend marks the opening of Roy’s first solo gallery show, DISTILLATION, at the Salvage Vanguard Theater.  The collection ranges from stunning portraits – many from those promotional photo shoots – to stolen glances at forgotten, dilapidated, whimsically graffiti’d corners of the city, to colorful abstracts.  They have a synesthetic quality, conjuring not just images but a sense of movement, a faint sound.  Maybe I’ve just been too immersed in music lately, but looking at some of the abstracts, I could swear I heard a distinct melody that went with each one.  The alternate takes of photos I’ve seen a hundred times on show posters and Facebook albums revealed extra dimensions of familiar faces, and made me want to see those shows all over again.

It’s stunning work by an artist who takes real joy from his craft.  If you happen to be in Austin, swing by and check it out sometime this month.


More Shameless Plugs (for ridiculously talented friends)

Once again, I am showcasing the work of friends who have been more productive than I have.

glint gear

GlintGear is home to a collection of stunning bags made by my dear friend Celena.  She uses a variety of fabrics including eye-catching vinyls and hand-painted canvas, styled with a touch of classic deco and a whole lot of play.  If I had the funds, I’d just buy out her whole stock, but since I can’t, I’ll just encourage you, dear reader, to go check out her beautiful stuff.


Eleven Three Designs is the outlet for my friend and creating mentor Jason.  His primary focus has been really badass resin fantasy masks, but lately he’s stumbled into the customized unicorn Christmas tree topper business.  Yeah, you read that right.  They’re funky and unexpected and just the thing your home needs for the holidays.  Lucky for you, they’re also available at his Etsy shop.


FrenchAnna is your source for elegant, well-crafted jewelry with a little genuine French flair.  Filigrees, chandeliers, felted, gold, silver, brass, stones, crystals, pearls…  Anna’s work is gorgeous and varied – so varied, in fact, that her unique fiber jewelry has its own home at Magical Whimsical.

Magical Whimsical

The name is absolutely appropriate – I’ve never seen anything quite like the earrings she makes with these felted beads.  They’re big and bold, and weigh next to nothing on your ears.  Eccentric yet practical, just like their designer!

Get to shoppin’!

In Protest of Internet Censorship

Obviously, I’m not turning out the lights today, but it goes without saying that SOPA and PIPA still need to be addressed.

I’ll keep this very simple.  This is where I stand on these two awful bills.

This is an extraordinarily detailed examination of the bills, written by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, instead of the “I’m no expert” industry representatives that have been brought in to testify in congressional hearings.

If you want more information, you cannot throw a virtual stone on the internet today without hitting a dozen antiSOPA/PIPA articles or dedicated websites.

Go ahead.  Google SOPA.  Google Protect IP Act.

Then please, please contact your representatives and tell them to stop these bills.

A Plea for Reason

Hi friends.

I have thus far made a point of keeping this blog completely apolitical, because crafters fall into all walks of life and I don’t want to run people off by imposing my own views when you came here for crochet, cooking, or cartoons.

However, today (and I dearly hope today only), I have to get political.  Today Congress is considering two bills that would put the existence of this blog and most other social media in jeopardy.  This isn’t about net neutrality, and it’s really not about piracy either.  This is about the ability of any private actor to decide they want to wipe out any blog, and claim they are justified in doing so because the author may or may not have stepped on someone else’s intellectual property.  This is about censorship.

Please take a moment to read about SOPA and PROTECT IP, and consider writing your representatives in Congress.  I just did.

Thank you for reading,




Sooo I’m on vacation.  I did not get a comic done before I left.  I did not draw one after I left.  I am a bad, bad ‘toonist.  Who is on vacation.  And therefore too relaxed/lazy to do a comic.

My bad.

I’ll try to make it up to you, promise.