A Plea for Reason

Hi friends.

I have thus far made a point of keeping this blog completely apolitical, because crafters fall into all walks of life and I don’t want to run people off by imposing my own views when you came here for crochet, cooking, or cartoons.

However, today (and I dearly hope today only), I have to get political.  Today Congress is considering two bills that would put the existence of this blog and most other social media in jeopardy.  This isn’t about net neutrality, and it’s really not about piracy either.  This is about the ability of any private actor to decide they want to wipe out any blog, and claim they are justified in doing so because the author may or may not have stepped on someone else’s intellectual property.  This is about censorship.

Please take a moment to read about SOPA and PROTECT IP, and consider writing your representatives in Congress.  I just did.

Thank you for reading,









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