On the ninth day of Christmas…

My niece has a wiggle.  I suspect it will soon morph into more nefarious actions like a crawl and then a walk, but for now, she is only able to use it to terrorize explore the area directly around her and to rid herself of unwanted garments.  If you put a hat on her head, she will pull it off.  If you put socks on her feet, she will kick her tiny legs with such verve that the footwear just flies right off.  Then, of course, her head and feet are cold.

Last year for Christmas, I made a set of slippers for my brother and his wife, then used the leftover yarn from both to make a tiny pair of slippers for their as-yet unborn child.  They were adorable in their smallness, but ultimately turned out to be too small by this winter, so I decided this year to make something a little more versatile – slipper socks.  While I was at it, I figured I’d make a matching hat.  Not that she needs another one, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

My brief visit with them just before Christmas inspired me to make some adjustments to my original plan.  I wouldn’t just make cute things.  I’d make cute practical things.

Thus, I created wiggle-resistant infant wear:

I took a good deal of crap from some of my family for taking so long to finish such tiny garments, but I finally completed the set a few days after Christmas, and delivered them tonight in my brief stop between the airport and I-10.

Blessedly, everything fit (at least for the time being), and I even got my niece’s seal of approval – the hat was not on her head for a full minute before one of the ties was in her mouth.