On the eighth day of Christmas…

This one isn’t technically done yet, but I am so thrilled with it, I just have to post it early.

Many moons ago, Dear Roommie spotted this crochet magazine on a rack at Joann’s.

She bought it and begged me to make her the “Windmill Bag” on the cover.  I said I would.

While I was at the craft fair over the summer, I stopped into the local yarn-vana and picked up two balls of a really stunning hand-spun and dyed wool blend, and a cashmere merino silk aran blend in a complementary color.  My plan was to make a smaller version of the bag as her Christmas present.

Naturally, I had to show her the yarn immediately upon my return in August, but I didn’t get the bag (sans handles) finished until tonight.

Because I was working with such a small amount of yarn, I obviously had to scale down the pattern.  It’s actually very easy – just four long rectangular pieces joined together at their ends with the sides sewn up.  To scale down, I just made the panels with fewer stitches across and fewer rows long.

The only part left is the handles.  When carried, it should look most like this:

I do not have a reaction yet, since Dear Roommie will not be able to see this in person until I get back to Texas late tomorrow.  I promise updates when the bag is actually completed.