On the second day of Christmas…

So back in November, I’m bothered by one of my very best college friends with the following Facebook message:

“Random Question: Do you crochet?”

I responded that I do, and she soon commissioned… a panda hat.

I was thrilled by the picture she sent, and managed to knock out the hat in one night.

I did the main body of the hat with two strands of I Love This Yarn and a large hook (maybe N?  I can’t remember), and used a half double crochet for those nice big fluffy stitches.  The ears were also double-stranded, but with a smaller hook (J-ish).

The placement of the ears is a little Mouseketeer-ish, but it’s just so cute!

Of course, my friend wasn’t able to collect the hat until three days ago, but it was well worth the wait.  She was overjoyed, and giggled heartily at the thought of how her friends at law school would disapprove, and how much she wouldn’t care.

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