funny story!

So someone at work found a recipe for microwave peanut brittle, and because I love peanut brittle almost as much as chocolate, I very cheerfully look the copy she offered me.

Looking at the recipe today, I realized I had everything in house already, so I made a batch!

This is not the funny part.

As per usual, I managed to mess up and not hold the baking soda until the end like I was supposed to.

Still not the funny part.

Even though it looked ok, I had enough ingredients left to try again, so I did.

Still not really funny.

After the first four minutes in the microwave, I had a bowl of boiling sugar and peanuts, and assorted sticky cooking utensils.

Here comes the funny part.

I was talking to Dear Roommie while handling said bowl of boiling sugar and peanuts, and somehow wound up mishandling one of the sticky cooking utensils as it came out of the bowl, and…

Funny story!  Melted sugar is REALLY FREAKISHLY HOT!

Also, it is very hard to get off your skin because it solidifies very quickly – while still being freakishly hot.

Just to add insult to (all too literal) injury –

The batch that burned me was, in turn, burned.  Or at least overcooked.

Yeah, that really wasn’t funny at all, was it?



After a few hours of cooling down and worried consultations from a variety of people with vastly differing medical qualifications, it was decided that the bandage probably wasn’t necessary at this point, and I got a good look at the damage done:

That’s basically a shallow hole and a crazy inch-long blister at the base of my middle finger.  It has stopped hurting for now – at least as long as I don’t – y’know… touch the giant blister.

I am looking forward to yet another enigmatic scar on my hand, especially since there is an older scar right on top of the blister.

…possibly I should be more careful around potentially harmful things.


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