Would you like a little tea with your lemon?

The weekend was a smashing success.  I got up to Austin early enough for a lottery improv show where the boy’s name was drawn from the hat to go be foolish on stage.  Class went well on Saturday and we had our student showcase on Sunday.

It’s been a very long time since I did any sort of performing in front of people, and longer still since I performed without an instrument to hide behind.  Somewhere around high school graduation I developed a truly unhealthy stage fright habit (this after 10-plus years of music and theater performing with nerves of steel – what gives?), and that definitely returned on Sunday, but somewhere within the first thirty seconds on stage it just totally disappeared and we had a grand old time.  Between the comfortable chemistry the class has built up over the last few months, and the instructor blatantly screwing with us as he directed the show, I guess I just forgot to be nervous.

My immune system was kind enough to wait until all of that was done before it mutinied.  Tonight, I am doing battle with seasonal allergies with a piping hot pot of chicken soup, a piping hotter pot of tea (with a bit more lemon juice than I intended to add), and…

a healthy dose of charcoal dust thanks to my sudden urge to make messy doodles:

Well, I tried to help myself, anyway.  There are only so many creative endeavors one can pursue in near-dark while avoiding the glaring light of a computer screen and -err- lights.

As a side note, working through the early Beatles albums will do surprisingly strange things to the brain while grasping for doodle ideas.