I fail!

I’ve been taking an improv class with the boy on our weekends together.  One of the very first concepts we covered was learning to fail.  Get out there.  Try something.  Don’t be afraid to fail if you have to.  When this happens in class, you yell, “I fail!” and take a great big bow, and then everyone else applauds and is generally supportive.

That said…

“I fail!”

Not only did I not manage to complete my four projects last week (day job-type things came up – I know, boo hiss), but I took the bag of supplies and projects in various stages of completion with me to work on over the weekend, and then proceeded to leave it all at the boy’s apartment.  I told him he is more than welcome to finish the last one for me, but he didn’t seem to be up to the challenge.

Take a bow!

So instead of showing off my beautiful amigurumi critters, I offer you…

…the aluminum foil origami gibbon I just made at Freebirds, after being struck by a mighty hankerin’ for a burrito as big as my forearm and loaded up with everything that is bad for me.

…now everyone else applauds?