Parting is Such Sweet… aww hell

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I realize that the retirement was planned at least two years ago, and that I moved away almost a full year ago, and that I have not only come to terms with Mom being in the mountains already, but relish the excuse to hang out and get away from the world, and try to get up to their place as often as I can afford.  Logically, there is absolutely no excuse for getting all choked up over Dad finally moving out of the state, but I’ve been dwelling on it all week.  I’m just a big baby.

Seriously, I cried a little over leaving the house.

I freaking bawled at Toy Story 3.

I promise I will bring the funny next week.

No, really.  I promise.  There’s like… a whole stack of half-finished funny sitting on my hard drive, right now.