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Posted in Projects by unboundpage on September 7, 2010

…or I’m officially giving up on the “On X” title structure, because it is not all that clever and unnecessarily limiting.

Four-day work weeks tend to get me especially energized, so I’m going to try something rather foolish:

Four Projects in Four Days!

Why?  Pick your favorite excuse…

  • I want to feel productive for once and could use a challenge to break out of the summer doldrums.
  • I have several projects I’ve promised people that I’ve been putting off (some for 24 hours, some for nearly 2 years).
  • I spent the holiday weekend helping Dad pack up for the long-awaited post-retirement move to NC, so I have a stack of boxes of stuff I brought back that I’m feeling far too lazy to unpack this week.

I have four amigurumi(-ish) projects that I should be able to complete in a single sitting.  If all goes well, I’ll be able to include them in what is likely to be an epic post office run on Saturday morning.

And of course, there should also be a completed comic posted at midnight Friday.  (For those who keep track of such things, that will be my standing comic-posting target.  I’m going for the Saturday-morning-cartoon effect.)


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