On Brown Thumbs, week 2

It’s been a week since I started intentionally neglecting my plants.  Here’s the update:

Day 2:

It rained.  So much for quickly drying out the plants.  Moved them in under more cover.

Week 2:

After the highly inconvenient rain storms, we had a week of very bright, hot, and dry sun.  The two healthier kalanchoes look very pleased with their excessive sunlight and general neglect.  The gasteria is looking a little pale.

The third kalanchoe is very sad indeed.  I replanted three cuttings that broke off in the transplanting process.  One died instantly, one is barely hanging in there (like the parent plant) and the third is actually looking ok for the time being.

The aloe is looking even paler than the gasteria.  Upon further research, the orange color suggests too much sun, so it’s going back under more cover to hang out with the begonia.

And just for added effect, there’s a sweet little root sticking out the bottom as if to say, “Hey!  Where’s my new pot?”

Speaking of the begonia:

Looks much happier being neglected but left in indirect sun.

I’d like to say I’ve been very good and resisted the urge to water everything for the full week, but I just didn’t have the willpower.  I did at least restrain myself to giving only a few ounces to each over the course of the week.

Now that more than half the plants look like I’d feel if I were out in that sun all day, I’m pulling them all back to the partially shaded part of the porch.  I’ll try to be good and keep letting them dry out, then see where things stand next week.