On Deviled Eggs at Midnight

So sometimes I get weird cravings.

I mean, yeah, there’s the generic cravings: salty, sweet, chocolate, other things that I probably shouldn’t eat.  But at some point during my summer abroad in Barcelona, I suddenly found myself craving chicken-fried steak.  (Mind you, at that particular point in my life, I’d consumed the fried monstrosity maybe three times, because I was a very bad southerner as a child and assumed the stuff would taste as bad as it looked until I actually tried it somewhere about the time I went to college.)

Now, obviously there was nothing that could be done in Spain for a chicken-fried steak craving.  Don’t be ridiculous!

Then the class went to this little cafe for lunch, and the meal they’d prepared for us was this veal thing that… well, see for yourself:

Yeah, it was technically veal-del-whatever and papas-something, but it walked like a duck and quacked like a duck and – more importantly – tasted like chicken-fried steak and french fries.  And my craving was satiated.

Anyway, sometimes I get weird cravings, and sometimes I forget to eat.  These don’t generally happen together, as the former would more than likely negate the latter, but last night, after I’d forgotten to eat anything worth mentioning since lunch, I found myself craving – of all things – deviled eggs.  Yeah.  At about 11:00pm.

Now, I have a pretty strict policy of not eating anything after 9:00, in a desperate attempt to maintain healthy sleep hygiene so I have a sporting chance at a decent night’s sleep and subsequent morning that doesn’t begin with murderous thoughts toward the inventor of the alarm clock.  The deviled egg craving at 11:00pm should have been absolutely out of the question.

But you see, I’d forgotten to eat, which meant that I was hungry.

Thus, at an hour frightfully close to midnight, for the very first time ever, I made deviled eggs!

(And they were tasty!)

*Special thanks once again to the Kitchen Primer and Better Homes cookbook that are both at least twice as old as I am, even though I continue to be very bad at following directions.