On Smammiches!

I bought bananas a few weeks ago.  This is not noteworthy because said bananas are still rotting away on my kitchen counter or anything.  Rather, I bought bananas a few weeks ago, just as I was coming t the end of a particularly tasty loaf of pumpernickel.  I got home for lunch one day and saw the last of said bananas sitting somewhat forlornly on the counter, and thought, “Well, I could just eat the banana by itself, but I’ll bet a peanut butter and banana sandwich on that pumpernickel would be amazing!”

Then I realized that I’d just finished said pumpernickel for breakfast that morning.  Tragedy of the highest order.

So I spent the next week trying to polish off the loaf of something-not-pumpernickel that I’d already bought, so that I could then run out and purchase yet another loaf of pumpernickel, a fresh bunch of bananas, and a new jar of peanut butter (turns out I was down to the bottom of the jar, thanks to some particularly evil experiments with the dog’s treat ball – go figure).

By Monday (which was especially Monday-ish), I had all the necessary tools to make a much-needed Super Smammich!

Step One:

Slather two slices of bread with peanut butter!

Step Two:

Cut big ol’ chunks of banana and squeeze as much as you dare onto one slice of bread!

Step Three:

Drizzle honey all over it!

Step Four:

Slap the second slice on top and enjoy your Super Smammich!

*Serving note:
A decently large plate and at least one napkin are highly recommended.  Some of the honey will drip out, and it is not possible to consume that much peanut butter without getting it on your hands and face.

This thing is the ultimate power food.  You get a little sugar kick-start from the honey, quick carbs from bread, a full serving of fruit (assuming you eat the other half of the banana while assembling the sandwich, of course), and then the staying power of peanut butter.  One small sandwich is more than enough to get me to the next meal and then some.  It absolutely works for any meal, at any age, on very little budget.  This is dorm food for the masses.

…oh, and it’s really tasty, too.

I rolled out of bed with a particularly bad case of the Mondays.  One Super Smammich! later, I was ready to take on the world!

Hooray for smammiches!