On Potholders

So a couple weeks ago, the Boy and I baked a batch of his killer chewy triple chocolate cookies.  The cookies were delicious, as always, but he managed to burn the crap out of his hands several times during the baking process because of a variety of potholder malfunctions.  I’ve been meaning to do something about his somewhat inadequate potholder situation for a while, so this week I did:

The yarn is I Love This Cotton – a Hobby Lobby staple, excellent to have around when Sugar N’ Cream just doesn’t have the colors you want.  Speaking of color; this is Aqua Ombre.  I used more or less exactly two skeins.

The pattern is this super-nifty Origami Hot Pad that makes a cool double-thick but seamless square.  I made a slight modification to the design to add the loop.  I just chained an additional 10 or 15 stitches after the first round to make the loop.  I also used two strands of yarn at a time when I made the smaller ones, so they would be extra thick.

It probably goes without saying that I found the pattern on Ravelry.

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