On Eleventh-Hour Victories

The baby thing is more or less successfully completed.  More if no one looks too closely at the visible seams.  Less if anyone looks too closely or we count the casualties:

Aside from my sanity and a good deal of pride, I lost two sewing machine needles (the 90/14 snapped pretty quickly; the 100/16 bent just as I finished), bent one hand sewing needle, and have worked my fingertips into a rather persistent state of pain.

I can’t quite believe I managed to run yet another project up to the eleventh hour, especially given the three-month head start I gave myself.  I’m just glad I managed to finish tonight.  I was seriously contemplating taking the sewing machine with me when I go home to Houston tomorrow night if I didn’t manage to finish tonight.  The shower is on Saturday, so I’ll be posting the pictures of the actual project then.


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