On Unbridled Nerdity, or I Swear This Conversation Actually Happened During Lunch One Day Last Week… She May Not Be Human

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Yeah, I know linguistic nerdity v. ignorance play is not technically craft-related, but it was really amusing, and a short, simple comic seemed like the perfect opportunity to draw the full comic using the tablet.  There’s a bit of a learning curve.  It’s always tricky when your movements are on one surface and the resulting action comes out somewhere else.  It’s almost like using a real pen, but not quite.  Also, the tablet itself is not of the highest quality, but I wasn’t quite ready to invest in a Cintiq, and woot.com was practically giving it away.  As it is, the thing is far and away my favorite impulse woot.

Anyway, I’m fairly pleased with the outcome of my computerized cartooning experiment this evening.  I promise there will be more actual crafting in the near future.


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