On Properly Measuring Fabric, or Easily Avoidable Catastrophes

I finally got started on the baby thing tonight (I am avoiding project details on the off chance my brother finds this blog before the baby shower).  I should have been more wary when the denim outer layer couldn’t be laid out exactly as shown on the pattern.  Karen dismissed it as a dumb pattern error, and we thought nothing more of it.

I finished cutting the denim and started on the hopelessly adorable cotton print inner, only to find that no matter which way I turned the large pieces, I couldn’t seem to get them to fit.  Sure enough, I go back and check the pattern… it calls for 60″.  I measure the fabric in my hand… 44″.  (The critical piece really requires 45″.)

The JoAnn website shows they still have the same pattern… but in the wrong color.  I have a sneaking suspicion I will be spending a good deal of the next week tearing through the baby fabric in every craft store in town, looking for a minor miracle.

In the mean time, I am putting the scissors away and going to sleep, because at this point, sleep is more productive than crying.


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